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Sample Exam Results


As a benefit of the University Affiliation Program, we are pleased to offer students enrolled in an affiliated degree program the opportunity to take a CFA Program sample exam.

We have designed the sample exams for classroom use. Alternatively, you may schedule a special session to distribute the exam. Please be sure to follow the guidelines for distribution below. For further inquiries, please contact us at university@cfainstitute.org. 

Sample Exam Details:
1.The Level I sample exam consists of 66 multiple choice questions covering all domains.
2.The Level II and Level III sample exam consist of 30 questions (5 vignettes with 6 multiple choice questions for each vignette).
3.Suggested time to complete the exam is 90 minutes. This timing mirrors the pace of the CFA exam.
4.Answers to the sample exam questions are included in a separate PDF file.
5.Questions will be updated each year as the curriculum changes.

Guidelines for Distribution:
1.The University Affiliation Program sample exam has been designed for classroom use only and may not be distributed electronically to students.
2.The sample exam may only be given to students studying in the approved degree program(s). Only Principal Contacts or their designated faculty member can distribute the exam in class.
3.Students must not be permitted to take the exam home or out of the classroom.All sample exams must be collected from the students once they complete the exam.
4.The sample exam may not be posted on any websites (e.g., Blackboard).
5.The Sample exam is not designed to be used as a “final” exam. You may discuss answers to the questions with the students in a classroom setting, but please do not return corrected sample exams to the students.